The History Of Americon Restoration

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow



In 1912, you could buy a dozen eggs for 22 cents, a quart of milk for 12 cents and a new Ford Model T for just $690.00! Our country was changing ever so rapidly. One million women voted in the presidential election for the first time in history, and the Titanic embarked on its fateful voyage.

It was also in 1912 that Angelo Kiminas started a small painting company servicing the growing industrial base in Cleveland, Ohio. Angelo, a recent immigrant from Chios, Greece used not only his skills and experience but his dedication to quality and integrity to quickly grow his fledgling enterprise. In the 1940s, John Coutris joined his father-in-law, Angelo, in the business. The business expanded quickly and soon branched into residential and commercial painting.

By the late 1960s, Angelo Coutris, John’s son, was brought into the business and in 1980, he formed Americon Incorporated. The company soon added general repair and restoration to its list of services. With businesses and homeowners hungry for quality and fairly priced services from a company they could depend upon, Americon Incorporated grew quickly.

Having earned the trust and loyalty of an ever-growing customer base, Americon Incorporated began getting requests for assistance from people who had experienced both small and catastrophic losses to their home or business. This family owned and operated company soon became a premier provider of disaster restoration service to residential, commercial and institutional customer across Northeast Ohio. Americon Incorporated quickly earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. Americon has built a strong team of skilled professionals who specialize in the unique industry of Disaster Restoration.

Many things have changed since 1912, but some things have remained the same. For example, Americon Restoration has grown substantially over the years but remains family owned and operated. Most importantly, we still to this day adhere to our founder’s dedication to quality and integrity.

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