Disaster Recovery

When to Call Disaster Recovery Specialists

Dealing with natural disasters can be stressful and traumatizing. But how can you prepare, anticipate, and mitigate for something catastrophic? Do you prepare and do everything yourself, or do you get help from disaster recovery specialists? In the event of a natural or human-made disaster,  your safety is the main priority. You need to make [...]

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What to Expect From Electronic Restoration Services

Do you have an electronic device that’s been damaged by fire or water? How about devices like computers, printers, and tablets that are physically damaged? If you have any of these, did you know that there’s still a way for them to be restored? How great is that? All these faults can still be repaired [...]

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4 Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Cleveland Home

Water damage is always a possibility in your Cleveland home. Whether it comes from a flood, a leak, or a particularly bad spill (such as a bucket), water damage can happen to anyone at any time. Water damage can also lead to all kinds of problems, including structural damage, mold damage, and exposure to unsafe [...]

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How Does Data Recovery Work?

Have you ever experienced data loss? It can happen anytime for many different reasons, including human error, data corruption, disasters such as fires or floods, or other damage to a computer. All of a sudden, after a disaster happens, you’re stuck without your data. And if your computer wasn’t backed up, it’s even worse. You [...]

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Different Types of Restoration Services

When you hear the word “restoration,” what’s your first thought? Your mind might jump to the restoration of old items, works of art, or houses that are fixer-uppers. These are all services offered by different restoration companies- but what else falls under the umbrella of “restoration”? There are plenty of different restoration services that you [...]

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What Do Restoration Companies Really Do?

Chances are, you’ve heard of a restoration company before, but do you know what they really do? When you hear the word “restoration” you might think of the restoration of old or damaged items, such as art and furniture. That’s part of what restoration companies do, but it’s not the whole story. Restoration companies do [...]

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