Fire & Smoke Restoration

Fire & Smoke

When a fire damages your home or business, Americon should be your choice for a fast response and a comprehensive plan. Our team members have helped resolve hundreds of fire and smoke damage situations for both residential and commercial clients.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and scrupulous attention to detail allow for us to provide fast, high quality, comprehensive service with minimum disruption to you.

Americon Advantage
  • Secure the structure.
  • Identify type and extent of the smoke damage.
  • Comprehensive damage assessment and estimate.
  • Property restoration.
  • Contents restoration.
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Fire Tips

It’s a natural instinct to want to clean up after a fire has occurred, but improper or prolonged actions can actually jeopardize or severely hinder adequate restoration. The following information will offer some helpful tips on how to deal with the aftermath of a fire:

  • Never go back into the affected areas of your home or business until fire officials have confirmed the property is 100% safe. Once emergency personnel has cleared your home/business, only enter if completely necessary. While the fire might be out, there are other safety hazards you might encounter.
  • If fire officials deem it unsafe to return to your home or business, you should make arrangements to stay with family or friends until deemed safe.
  • Once you’re allowed back inside, open all windows to ventilate the smoke and to help the drying process.
Insurance Purposes

Once you’re allowed back on the premises, check your insurance policy and then contact Americon Incorporated. When you check your insurance policy, you’re going to want to check for Out of Home Living provisions. Some things you can do to prepare for your insurance claim:

  • Take pictures and/or video to properly document the damage that has occurred.
  • Keep a list and/or pictures of any household property you had to throw out due to the fire.
  • Save receipts for any expenses related to the fire loss.
  • Never consume any food items that have been exposed to smoke, or any canned good items that have been exposed to excessive heat.
  • Discard ALL food items that have been exposed to fire damage or smoke damage.
  • If the electricity has been shut off, empty freezers or refrigerators completely, and prop the door open with a rolled towel or newspaper.
Household Items
  • NEVER turn on or use any appliances or electronics until an electrician has inspected and deemed it 100% safe.
  • If possible, avoid being on carpet. Also, avoid wiping or cleaning ceilings, walls or other absorbent surfaces.
  • Keep doors that are affected by the fire closed to try and limit smoke odors from spreading.

Our Services

When it's an emergency, and it's your property, you need professional assistance right away! That's when Americon Restoration steps in. We've been providing the most comprehensive and high-quality commercial and residential construction, painting, restoration, and maintenance services since 1912. With over 100 years of experience, our team of specialists can help you by providing not only the fastest possible turnaround time, but the highest quality customer satisfaction as well. Quality is no accident!

For over 25 years, Americon Restoration has been using specialized, industry-leading techniques to successfully salvage and recover belongings from commercial and residential disasters of every size. The Americon team will be on the job within 60 minutes or less of a disaster and knows the road to recovery. Whether you have had a fire, flood, severe weather loss, or other damage, our team will complete a detailed damage assessment, and will work closely with you to provide minimum disruption & maximum result.

Our recovery specialists will work quickly to ensure that no further damage is done. Immediate evaluation and treatment can save valuable personal possessions, crucial business documents, and mechanical or electronic equipment. Our team will pack and index all contents retrieved from your property and provide a complete content inventory. Diligence and expertise limit potential liabilities and minimizes the severity of claims.

Insurance Claims

If your property has suffered from severe weather damage, give us a call today. We'll facilitate all aspects of insurance claims, and provide 24/7 service for hail, wind, tornadoes, ice storms, blizzards, lightning, and other damage.