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Our team of indoor air-quality professionals can help to minimize a wide variety of health and safety concerns for employees, visitors, residents, and property managers due to biological viral, bacterial contamination threats. Were here to help with all types of biohazard decontamination cleanups. ​
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  • State Of The Art Biohazard Cleaing

    This technology was developed by the US Department of Defense and research scientists in partnership with Sandia National Labs to address biological threats to prepare for a world-wide pandemic or WMD attack. Yet, it is safer to use than household bleach and less corrosive.

  • Trained Professionals

    Exhaustive Testing through a Federal Grant To Safehouse Solutions proves consistent and effective against the most feared biological contaminants. (SARS White Paper Available). Our certified technicians have been working with the product and honing the process since 2009.

  • Active Agents

    Our product is a 3-part, activated solution that contains H2O2 activated oxygen with Surfactant equivalent to Soaps, Toothpastes and Lotions that deliver a safer, more powerful natural process that break down pollutants at their source. EPA-registered, green and sustainable.

  • Kills Fast

    It kills and eliminates viruses, pollutants, fungus, bacteria and contaminants in the air and on surfaces. The same Safe Bubbling, Sanitizing Effects created to kill pathogenic bacteria from scraped knees and cuts for over 50 years. Hydrogen Peroxide!

  • Effectiveness against viruses

    It is more effective than 60% alcohol, Lysol and household bleach. It is based upon elemental science combined with common sense.

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