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Common Water Damage People Experience During Winter

Icicles hang on the side of a building, potentially causing water damage.

The onset of the winter season brings along several predictable disasters that can make your home prone to water damage. Here are some key pieces of information you need to know to avoid costly repairs.

Water Damage And Winter

Water damage doesn’t exclusively happen during the winter season. It can happen all year round. However, the winter season provides water with numerous outlets to damage property, particularly because of the large amounts of snow and ice. 

Here are some common winter-specific water damage issues. 

Frozen Or Burst Pipes

Frozen or burst pipes are the most common cause of water damage during winter. Burst pipes is one of the worst types of water damage that can happen in your home, especially if your pipes are behind your walls.  

When the temperature dips below freezing, water freezes and expands. When there’s too much expansion, the rigidity of the pipe may cause it to burst. When pipes burst, water escape, causing damage to the walls and floors of your home.  

Uninsulated pipes located along the exterior walls are prone to freezing and breakage. If no warm air circulates the plumbing, the lines are likely to freeze as well. Pipes in crawl spaces, outside walls, and attics are also vulnerable to freezing during winter.

Snow Melting On The Roof And Gutters

The gutters direct running water away from your home. When your gutters freeze or are blocked by ice, they can end up causing significant damage to your home. When ice forms and clogs the gutters, the melting snow off the roof will not pass through the drainage system, causing spillovers in all directions. 

On the other hand, when trapped water in the gutter refreezes, a wall of icicles will accumulate, and it’ll create ice dams. When these ice dams melt, water can damage the roof and seep into the attic, causing mold growth and structural damage. 

The weight of the ice dams can potentially put unnecessary stress on the roof. Water from melting ice dams can infiltrate roof shingles and cause roof leaks. You’ll know that there’s a leak coming from the roof when you notice unsightly watermarks on the ceiling or drips of water cascading down inside the house. 

Ensuring that your gutters are clean and free of any debris before winter hits will prevent the formation of ice dams and roof leaks.  

Flooding Caused By Snow Melt Around The House

Flooding is particularly a big concern during winter as most of the precipitation is stored as snow or ice on the ground. When the outdoor temperature rises or during sudden wither thaws, vast amounts of water can accumulate in your yard or basement. 

Melting snow around the house’s perimeter can seep into the soil and leak through the foundation and basement walls. 

Shoveling or diverting snow away from the house’s foundation can help prevent basement flooding. By clearing off excess snow on the roof, snow will not melt and drip near the foundation, preventing structural damage. 

Ruptured Outdoor Water Lines

Forgetting about outside water sources like garden hoses can spell disaster during winter. Pipes with running water are at risk of freezing and bursting. To avoid this, you must cut off the hose’s water supply to allow the trapped water to drain out. Also, all valves that supply water to outdoor water sources must be turned off. 

Water Damage Restoration By The Experts

Water damage during winter isn’t uncommon. Many homeowners take extra preventive measures to prevent water damage during the winter, such as shutting off the water when they’re not home. But despite all the pre-winter preventive actions, water damage can still happen. 

If you’re in this dire situation, you must contact a professional Cleveland water damage restoration company. They specialize in dealing with water damage aftermath and returning your home to its pre-winter condition. The experienced technicians use advanced equipment to determine how much water damage there is. Their expertise includes draining all excess moisture from the house in a much faster time than a standard dehumidifier. 

Removal of standing water in the house immediately is crucial in preventing mold and bacteria growth in the house. The restoration company can also provide mold mitigation and remediation services in case of mold growth in your home. 

Need Cleveland Water Damage Restoration?

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