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Does Your Business Need COVID-19 Decontamination Services?

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COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we all operate our businesses. From Plexiglass barriers between cashiers and customers to increased cleaning, a typical day at work looks pretty different. Some things, however, haven’t changed at all, including our desire to serve customers and clients as best as we can while keeping them and our employees safe. One way to keep people safe during this uncertain time is to invest in a decontamination service for your business, rather than trying to use disinfectants to keep the germs away by yourself. 

Can’t I Just Clean Things Carefully?

You may think that regular cleaning is enough to keep COVID away from your business, but this isn’t the case. Even if you frequently clean high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, keypads, credit card terminals, etc., you could miss other surfaces that need to be cleaned. Through simple human error, it’s easy to miss things. Unfortunately, bacteria and pathogens can hide anywhere and even one missed surface can harbor thousands of germs, especially if anyone in your business (customer or employee) is coughing or sneezing.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Cleaning and Decontamination Services?

Decontamination services are more thorough than traditional cleaning, especially the ones that use gas or vapor to accomplish a thorough clean. Vapor, when sprayed through a space, permeates the entire space and disinfects every surface it comes into contact with. It’s similar to using heat rather than pesticide sprays to eliminate bugs. Instead of having to spray each individual bug, the heat fills the entire space and kills the bugs. The vapor used in fogging decontamination services fills the space that’s being decontaminated and kills germs without having to spray or wipe each and every surface.

How Can You Tell if Your Business Needs Decontamination Services?

Whether your business needs professional decontamination services depends largely on what kind of business it is. If your business has been doing curbside pickups, temperature checking employees, and following CDC guidelines, you may be able to keep your space safe for everyone with a strict, thorough cleaning regimen. However, if your business gets a lot of traffic, you may need to consider a decontamination service, especially if masks are not required. If you notice people picking up products and putting them back down a lot, this is another sign that you may need decontamination services- it will save you the trouble of wiping down every single product to avoid contamination. 

What to Keep An Eye Out For

As with everything, some decontamination services are better than others. But what makes one decontamination service better and the other not so great? There are a few things to keep an eye out for when choosing a decontamination service. As mentioned previously, vapor fogging will give the best coverage. It’s a good idea to look for decontamination services that are certified by the EPA to be eco-friendly. Eco-friendliness typically means that the solution used is not only better for the planet, but safer for humans and pets as well. 

Ready to Get Started?

Do you need decontamination services for your business or home? Our partner Decontamination Solutions is EPA certified and uses a vapor fogging process to decontaminate homes, businesses, and even cars. We know you may have concerns about COVID-19 and we want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep our employees and our customers healthy and safe. Americon Restoration is taking all necessary precautions before entering our customers’ homes. We want you and your family to feel safe and stay healthy! Please contact us through our website or by phone at (216) 221-5200.