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Five Precautions to Prevent Fire Damage

No one is immune to fire damage and it can happen at the most unexpected times. Fire damage is quick to ruin a home or building, and being prepared for a fire can stop them before they get out of control. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your home is safe and that you don’t run any risks of starting a fire that you can’t put out.

1. Tread Lightly With Candles

Candles are a staple in most homes, and being as flammable as they are, they are one of the easiest ways for house fires to start. When lighting a candle, make sure that you keep it away from anything flammable and that you always extinguish the flame before leaving the room. Most candles have specific care instructions to ensure an even burn on the wick, so make sure you read carefully so that you can keep your candle and your home intact. 

2. Learn How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Not only should you know how to use one, but you should have at least one on in your home for emergencies. Small fires are obviously much easier to control than large ones, so if a fire starts in your home, you will be able to stop it, or at least keep it as small as possible. If you know how to use a fire extinguisher and have one available for quick use, you can keep fires small, or even nonexistent! 

3. Storage of Flammable Products

When storing products that are flammable, such as beauty products, cleaning supplies, or other items that can ignite, make it a point to keep them away from any areas that could have potential open flames. These products can be quick to catch fire and will not be slow when spreading the flames. If these products are in a safe, secluded spot, it will be less likely that they are the cause of a fire. 

4. Keep Appliances in your Home Clean

Keeping your stove, oven, dryer, and other appliances that produce heat as clean as possible can be a huge help in keeping your home fire-proof. Most fire damage is caused by clogged dryer vents, stuck-on food from your oven, or other substances catching fire while cooking on the stove. If you keep all of these appliances clean and check them often, it will keep your family safer, and hopefully bring peace of mind to your home.

5. Maintenance of Power Cords

Keeping power cords and other sources of electricity neatly organized and maintained is another huge step to preventing fire damage in your home. Before you plug in any cords, it is essential to check for frays or any damage to the coating of the wire and the plug. If there is damage that has occurred to the wires or cords, they should be discarded properly, and replaced. Chord placement is also important to keep an eye on, to make sure none of the plugs or wires are conducting heat. When running wires throughout your home, make sure they are not covered or wrapped in any furniture or rugs. 

Fire Damage In Your Home

Fire damage repair is much more expensive than fire preparation, so it is crucial that you are preventing fires in your home in any way you can. If you do run into fire damage in your home, contact professionals who can make the restoration easy and inexpensive. You can count on Americon Restoration for all of your Cleveland, Ohio fire damage restoration needs! We are Cleveland’s fire damage experts and we offer 24/7 emergency service. We know you may have concerns about COVID-19 and we want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep our employees and our customers healthy and safe. Americon Restoration is taking all necessary precautions before entering our customers’ homes and closely following CDC guidelines. We want you and your family to feel safe and stay healthy! Please contact us through our website or by phone at (216) 221-5200.