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Do I have to use the restoration contractor my insurance company refers?

No, you do not. It is your choice which water damage restoration company you use. You choose the company that will best handle your claim. Most importantly, the company you feel most comfortable with.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, every year, about 1 in 50 homeowners file a water damage or freezing claim, accounting for 29% of all homeowners insurance claims. If you find yourself in this situation along with many other homeowners, give us at Americon a call!


When I have water damage, should I call my insurance company first?

No. The faster our crews arrive, the more we can help prevent more damage to your business or property. You will still want to call your insurance company, but you shouldn’t wait to get a call back from your agent or adjuster before beginning any kind of water damage mitigation. If you file a claim, the insurance company will need a detailed assessment of damage and a restoration estimate. Calling Americon first speeds up that process.


How much does insurance restoration cost?

The cost varies based on the duration of saturation, water type, the extent of water damage, and if mold is present. We will give you a detailed assessment after we see the property damage.


What does the water restoration process cover?

First, Americon mitigates and/or cleans up all standing water where the water intrusion occurred. Next, we assess the water damage and determine what needs to be disposed of and what can be salvaged. Then we make sure through a scientific process that the entire damaged area is dried, sanitized, deodorized, and dehumidified. Staying ahead of any potential mold growth is of utmost priority with water restoration. Our highly trained and skilled field technicians will handle all of your personal belongings with the utmost care. Americon is first and foremost an emergency response mitigation company that repairs water damage.


Who handles all the communication back and forth with the insurance company?

Americon is your direct liaison that works on your behalf with the insurance company for your water damage claim.


What are the signs of water damage?

Some signs of water damage are musty odors, increased areas of insect or pest activity, visible mold, musty odors, peeling paint, and wallpaper plaster or drywall deterioration.

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