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How Does Data Recovery Work?

A professional works on data recovery, wearing blue gloves.

Have you ever experienced data loss? It can happen anytime for many different reasons, including human error, data corruption, disasters such as fires or floods, or other damage to a computer. All of a sudden, after a disaster happens, you’re stuck without your data. And if your computer wasn’t backed up, it’s even worse. You might think your data is lost forever, but then a Google search turns up a promising phrase: data recovery. As you read on, you start to feel hopeful. This “data recovery” thing can bring your lost data back, even after a disaster! But how does it work? How can your data come back after it seems to have been destroyed?

Data Recovery After a Hard Drive Failure Or Corruption

If you’ve ever had a hard drive failure or a corrupted hard drive, you might think that all of your data has been wiped or “erased” and you’ll never get it back. However, there are ways to recover data from computers that have had these kinds of failures happen. In fact, when data is wiped from a computer, there’s always an imprint of the data left on the hard drive. There are certain types of software that can be run on failed or corrupted hard drives that pick up the pieces of files that are left on the hard drive and piece them together into accessible files.

Data Recovery After Physical Damage

A hard drive that has been physically damaged is more challenging to recover data from. Hard drives can endure physical damage in plenty of different ways, such as fires, floods or water damage, or a hard drive could even be broken by something very heavy. Data recovery from a physically damaged hard drive requires a lot of skill and very careful work, so it’s best left to trusted professionals like Americon Restoration. To recover data from a physically damaged hard drive, it will likely need to be taken apart. After taking the drive apart, the person recovering the data will carefully examine the damage and rebuild parts of the hard drive that are corrupted or broken. The goal is to get the hard drive to a point where pieces of data can be pulled off of it with special software and put back together into accessible files. Work on physically damaged hard drives is done very carefully, often in extremely clean, temperature-controlled rooms by experts. 

Preventing Data Loss in the First Place

Data recovery is possible after an incident of data loss, but it’s best to prevent data loss in the first place. There are a few ways to do this. First of all, you can back up your data in a secure location, whether that’s on a secure cloud server or a second hard drive. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have your data backed up in a few different places. Imagine losing your data, going to access the secure cloud server where you backed it up, and then realizing that you’ve lost the password to it. In order to prevent data loss from viruses and malware, you should use anti-virus software and sign up for an email account with a good quality spam filter. Never click links in emails that look suspicious. 

Do You Need Help With Data Recovery?

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