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Using Content Restoration Services After a Disaster

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After a disaster, there’s a lot to think about. No matter what kind of disaster strikes your home, whether it’s a fire, a flood, or a severe weather event, your to-do list can get long. Chances are, you have some sort of damage to your home. The extent of that damage can range from mild to severe, depending on how severe the initial disaster was. Besides the damage to your home, you might have damage to your personal property as well. Fortunately, with content restoration services, your personal property can often be restored back to its original glory!

What is Content Restoration?

Content restoration is a service that restores your personal belongings. This can include everything from computers to old photos to furniture. Content restoration is used for a variety of reasons, not just disasters. For example, age can take quite a toll on items such as furniture, old photographs, and art. Content restoration services can repair age damage, fire damage, water damage, and more. After a disaster, your belongings might seem beyond repair, but this often isn’t the case. More often than not, your personal property can, in fact, be restored!

What Are The Steps of Content Restoration?

When you have a disaster, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s understandable. But a content restoration service can help take some of the worry off your plate. When you call a content restoration service, they will begin an immediate evaluation of the contents of your home. First, they’ll take a complete inventory. Next, they will evaluate the type and extent of the damage to your possessions. They will then remove what they can. When the content restoration service starts to work on your possessions, they will use specialized equipment and techniques to restore them. For restoration of electronic items, the technicians will likely be in temperature-controlled rooms so that no further damage occurs. 

Fire Damage Content Restoration

After a fire, your items might seem like they’re beyond repair. Fortunately, this often isn’t true. More items can be recovered from a fire than you might think. There are two types of damage that occur from a fire. There’s damage from the flames themselves, and then there’s damage from smoke. Smoke damage can leave marks and unpleasant odors. When you hire a content restoration service to fix fire and smoke damage, they use special chemicals and equipment to clean up, restore, and deodorize your belongings.

Flood and Water Damage Content Restoration

Water can do some serious damage to your personal possessions, especially documents, photos, and electronics. Believe it or not, all hope is not lost if you have water damage to the contents of your home! Firstly, any contents that can be salvaged will be removed from your home. Next, they will be carefully dried out and deodorized to restore them to their previous condition and prevent mold damage from occurring. If electronics are damaged and in need of content restoration services, experts will use special equipment to remove moisture from the electronics that have been damaged in order to prevent corrosion. 

Do You Need Cleveland Content Restoration Services?
Americon Restoration can help! We are Cleveland’s content restoration experts and can handle damage from fires, floods and water damage, age, and more. We know you may have concerns about COVID-19 and we want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep our employees and our customers healthy and safe. Americon Restoration is taking all necessary precautions before entering our customers’ homes and closely following CDC guidelines. We want you and your family to feel safe and stay healthy! Please contact us through our website or by phone at (216) 221-5200.