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What Does A Bathroom Remodel Involve?

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Bathroom Remodels can be daunting, but when you plan accordingly and do your research, it can be a fun process with a beautiful transformation at the end of your project! When beginning a bathroom remodel, it’s important to know the proper steps, have the correct tools, and have a plan before you begin. 

Where To Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Planning your bathroom remodel should be the first step you take, and the longest. Planning your remodel will ensure that you know what needs to be done and how to do it. If this is a DIY bathroom remodel, this step should take more time than anything. You should research different methods of remodeling, and find the easiest and most effective way to complete your tasks. Your planning stage should include creating your budget and making sure that your materials are ready. When you’re starting your project, it is imperative that you know where your wiring and pipes are for water and electricity. Make sure you turn both of these off to stay safe, and avoid touching bare wires. 


Once the initial planning stage is done, then the fun part starts! Tearing up old flooring and removing the guts of your bathroom can be therapeutic for some, but can lead to many dangers. When doing this step, it is imperative that you know where your wiring and pipes are for water and electricity. Make sure you turn both of these off to stay safe, and avoid touching bare wires. You should remove the toilet, bathtub, and shower from the bathroom, and inspect for any mold damage. This step also includes removing the flooring, baseboards, and anything else that is going to be replaced. Once your bathroom is cleared out and safe from mold, you can begin the next step of your remodeling project. 

Plumbing and Electrical

The next step of your bathroom remodel is finishing up your plumbing and electrical work. Not only do you have to locate these pipes, but you need to know what they do, also.  Once you have both of these replaced, you should make sure they’re working the way you need before you continue your remodel. When working with plumbing and electrical wires, make sure you hire a trained professional, or you could end up with hospital bills, and a lot of damage to your bathroom. When dealing with electrical wiring, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so hire someone who knows what they’re doing- it’ll be worth the money. 

Next Steps of Your Bathroom Remodel

The next thing you should focus on for your bathroom remodel is blocking the walls for mounted fixtures, replacing any drywall that was torn out, and painting the walls. It’s best to paint before you install your flooring, to make sure your floor is clean and free of any splatters. Once the tile or flooring is set, you can install your shower and begin the process of putting your bathroom back together. Once your shower, bathtub, exhaust fan, and lights are in, you can install more of your other furniture, starting with sinks and vanities. The toilet should be the last fixture that gets added into your bathroom, due to its easy installation. After all of your furniture, fixtures, and appliances are secured, you can add decor and accessories to spice up your bathroom.

Additional Information

When you start your bathroom remodel, make sure you review installation instructions, building codes, and safety precautions on any devices you want to use. Making yourself familiar with all of your tools and city rules can make your bathroom remodel go more smoothly, and can keep you from running into setbacks. 

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