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What Services Do Restoration Companies Offer?

A house is on fire. The owners will need to call restoration companies when it is put out.

In any major event that causes significant damage, restoration companies usually follow after the first responders are done with their job. They handle damages caused by disasters and return their clients’ homes back to what they were before, or make improvements.

Severe Weather Damage And Contents Restoration

Several extreme weather conditions can cause severe damage, requiring restoration.

For example, thunderstorms and hurricanes with high wind speeds can easily knock down trees and damage the shingles on your home. Storms can also cause flooding that can overwhelm waterways, drainage systems, and other paths. Those scenarios can expose your house to water damage.

A restoration team will remove any damaged materials, like furniture and appliances, in the area and eliminate anything that will pose a risk. For example, stagnant water can carry many diseases and can weaken pathways if not taken care of immediately.

Data Recovery And Restoration

When your computer or servers crash, it’s probable to lose large amounts of data. But if your data center, office, or house gets hit with a natural disaster, the probability becomes a reality.

Usually, some of the data on a computer may be lost forever. Restoration specialists will do what they can to get you most of the data back. Before you ever have this problem, it’s best that you start investing in data backup services, or at the very least, get additional storage devices to duplicate what you have in your computer.

Over the years, restoration companies have added data restoration to their services. With more companies and people relying on digital data, the amount of money one can lose because of data loss can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars or more. 

Water Damage/Mold Restoration

A leak from your plumbing or roof can expose parts of your house to water. Wood can warp, and house areas like the ceiling or walls can break down. Also, it’s annoying to see and hear water dripping from your ceiling.

Aside from water damage, moisture and humidity attracts allergens, irritants, and mold that can spread throughout your home. Unfortunately, if you already have mold, water damage can exponentially speed up their growth and help wreak havoc to you, your family, and home.

Restoration specialists will stop the mold in its tracks, remove large growths, and prevent mold from propagating further. They’ll know how to handle mold and the water damage causing its growth, fixing them appropriately.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are one of the biggest causes of property damage around the world. In 2017, an estimated $23 billion in property damage was caused by fires, mainly due to California’s wildfires.

Fire damage can prove risky. It can damage the health of people in the property due to smoke and soot. The structure of the property can also be weakened or at a brittle state. Restoration companies will first take the necessary steps to prevent any further damages. Holes will be plugged, and weak structures will be reinforced.

Following the reinforcement, cleaning and removal begin. Sanding, scrubbing, and refinishing various property areas must be done to remove the smoke and soot. Moisture also must be taken into account and the odors that are clinging to upholstery and carpets.

Before cleanup begins, you must estimate the damage done to your property and belongings and contact your insurer and a restoration company. It’s the fastest way to get back on your feet. You may not get back everything, but at the very least, you won’t have to deal with the disaster’s trail alone.

Do You Need a Restoration Company?

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