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When to be Concerned About Mold from Water Damage

Mold and water damage coexist in a leaky basement.

So your home just got flooded and, now that the waters have receded, you can begin the arduous task of drying things out and replacing damaged items.  But when should you be worried about the negative repercussions of water damage such as mold growth? If your home experienced water damage from a recent flood, you need to entertain the possibility of mold damage as well.

Here is when you should be concerned about possible mold damage stemming from recent flooding: 

Mold Odor

Not every species of mold will produce an odor, but if you’ve recently experienced water damage and notice a persistent musty smell, suspect possible mold.  After everything has dried out, vinegar and baking soda can be used to help remove odors resulting from water damage, if you have the time and the patience, but a professional should be consulted to prevent mold damage from occurring

Visible Mold Growth

This can seem rather obvious, but many people don’t realize that it takes mold spores 24 to 48 hours to begin to colonize surfaces after water damage has occurred depending upon the type of surfaces and materials, amount of moisture, and temperature. Visible mold growth follows about 18 to 21 days later.  Mold is most likely to grow on softer surfaces in warm (greater than 70 degrees), humid, poorly lit environments.

Though visible, some of the places in which mold damage can occur can be difficult to detect, such as under sinks and windowsills, where it can appear as just a slight discoloration at the base of your window. 

The opportunity for the spores to spread increases over time, affecting more and more areas and posing an ever-increasing threat to your health from mold.

Undetermined Water Damage

Sometimes you may have water damage from an unidentified source.  If you notice water stains, discoloration, bubbling, cracking, or peeling on your walls, ceilings, or floors, investigate the source of the leak and always assume mold damage may follow. One of the easiest ways to confirm a leak somewhere in your home is by turning off all the water. Shut off all the faucets and make sure no appliances that use water are running.  Then, check if your meter changes. Another simple indication of a leak somewhere in your home is monitoring your water bill.  If you notice rising costs but your usage hasn’t changed, you may have a leak.

Get That Leak Fixed!

You’ve noticed signs of water damage and traced its source to that pipe behind the wall in your shower. It’s been leaking for a few weeks now and you’ve been dragging your feet about getting it fixed— but keep in mind that mold damage that can result from not taking immediate action. Remember, mold can begin 24-48 hours after water damage has occurred so timely repairs are crucial.

Do You Have Water or Mold Damage?

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