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What Happens When You Hire a Mold Removal Company

A mold removal company sprays a wall with chemicals.

Some mold you might be able to clean and take care of yourself, but with serious to severe mold damage, calling a mold removal company may be in your best interest. Keeping yourself safe from black mold and other varieties of mold are important to your  health, the health of your loved ones, pets and even the structure of your home. There may be some things you can do on your own, but sometimes calling in professional help is imminent. So what happens when you hire a mold removal company?

Assessing Damage

More than likely, even before a mold removal service visits your home, they will want to know the extent of your mold problem. A mold removal expert may ask you questions about where the mold is, what it looks like, and how much is visible . This will give them a better idea of what they will be walking into and what equipment they might need and prepare. 

There are multiple types of mold and different ways they can pose health risks. Mold can spread quickly and quietly without anyone being aware, so a mold expert may ask you to check for mold in some bizarre places. You may be surprised where you find it!


When a mold removal company comes to your home, they will continue inspecting for mold that may have been missed initially. This is where a mold expert will discover anything else they need to know for their service, such as the type of mold, different areas the mold has affected, and so on. 

Stop the Spread

Next, a mold removal company will focus on containing the spread of any existing mold. Any air conditioning or heating systems that involve ventilation will be shut off to limit the air travel of mold spores. Different mold removal companies will have different methods of containment, but before the mold itself is addressed, its spread needs to be stopped. 

Attacking the Mold

Depending on which mold removal company you choose, they may use air filtration to eradicate any airborne spores. Utilizing air pressure and air “scrubbers,” this ventilation is used to attack the spores that allow mold to grow and spread. Not every company may offer this, however.

Mold Removal

This is where the gutting and removal of mold-affected materials begins. If the mold cannot be efficiently scrubbed from a surface, it may be best to remove the section or area altogether. An antifungal or antimicrobial treatment offered by a trained mold specialist may be able to eliminate the mold completely. If such treatments are ineffective, however, it’s again suggested to remove and replace the surface or materials. A mold removal expert will pay attention to how deeply the mold has penetrated into surfaces and materials and judge whether something can be cleaned or if it needs to be replaced altogether. Mold can seep through drywall and carpet to affect surfaces and materials underneath, like insulation or wood flooring. 

Clean Up and Replacement

After all the mold is removed from an area, the next step is to replace the gutted materials and seal them properly to reduce risk of another mold infection. A mold removal company will make sure to dispose of all infected materials and surfaces without risking reinfection of the home or surrounding area. A professional mold removal company will use some type of sealant to reduce the threat of another mold infestation. This will include areas that lead to outside, such as windows, vents or doorways. 

Looking for a Mold Removal Specialist?

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