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What to Expect From Electronic Restoration Services

Someone is performing electronic restoration services on a hard drive.

Do you have an electronic device that’s been damaged by fire or water? How about devices like computers, printers, and tablets that are physically damaged? If you have any of these, did you know that there’s still a way for them to be restored? How great is that?

All these faults can still be repaired through electronic restoration services, so there’s no need to spend your money buying new devices when the faulty ones can still be fixed. 

What is Electronic Restoration?

Electronic Restoration refers to the process of checking, testing, cleaning, and decontaminating an electronic device damaged by water, fire, corrosion, etc. The term itself means to restore hardware to its pre-loss condition before getting damaged by water, smoke from a fire, fire extinguisher dust, fire sprinkler damage, or other contaminants. However, restoring these equipment varies on the severity of the damage, so there’s still hope for a recovery.

Electronic restoration is done by an expert recovery technician who will examine the damaged equipment and check if it is in proper working order. They also do the cleaning, replacements, and decontamination of the damaged equipment.

What to Expect When a Device is Physically Damaged

Truth be told, water and fire is perhaps your worst enemy when it comes to electronic devices. What do you think will happen if your electronic device was damaged by water or by fire? What would you expect? Here are some examples of what happens to an electronic device when it’s physically damaged:

  • Computers and Printers

Water Damage: If you spill water on your laptop or your desktop computer, water can damage the components of your computer, such as the motherboard, hard drive, CPU, or monitor. They’ll most likely not work, so plug it off from the power to avoid power circuit failure. The same thing would apply to Printers. If it didn’t work, make sure to plug it off from the power immediately.

Fire Damage: Another nemesis of electric devices. When a computer is fire-damaged, it would depend on how long the device was exposed to the fire and what temperature it was exposed to. If it was exposed to high temperatures, the device itself can’t be recovered. However, a chance of retrieving files depends if the drive-seal is still intact and remained undamaged. 

  • Tablets and Smartphones

Water Damage: Like any electronic device, any mobile phones or tablets that aren’t water-resistant will most likely get faulty when exposed to water. The screen will shut down due to a power circuit failure. 

Fire Damage: Being exposed to high temperatures will make it hard for the device to be recovered. In some instances, as long as the memory chip is still intact, the files can still be recovered.

Depending on how it was damaged, be it through by water or fire, some or all of the equipment will be affected. And the only way to determine how much damage it sustained is to seek help from an Electronic Restoration technician.

The Process

After the examination of the damaged device, the technician will then start the restoration process, and here are just some of the steps on how they do it:

  • Decontamination

The technician will remove and clean the black soots(often seen from smoke contamination), dirt, and acids, damaging the device over time.

  • Disassembling the parts 

Once they cleaned and removed the contaminants, the technician will then disassemble the damaged device, then clean and decontaminate the affected parts inside. They would use specially made detergents, to neutralize the chloride or sulfate if necessary, then rinse them with demineralized water and dry them thoroughly.

  • Repairing the remaining parts / Restoration

After doing various tests, the technician will restore the devices, assemble them, and let the customer know when to pick up or deliver the repaired device. Otherwise, they should also let the customer know if the damaged equipment can’t be restored and replaced.

Have You Lost Your Data?

Electronic restoration services can help us to recover data that would otherwise be lost. So if your laptop, tablet, or phone ever encounter water or fire damage, be sure to head over to Americon to have your phone checked. You never know what an expert technician will be able to do for you and your gadgets. Call Americon today at (216)446-8469!