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6 Flood Restoration Steps to Follow

Floods can be devastating. Water is extremely powerful and can cause way more damage than we sometimes give it credit for. Dealing with flooding and water damage in your home can be really overwhelming. When you first discover the water in a place it’s not supposed to be, flood cleanup can feel like an impossible [...]

6 Flood Restoration Steps to Follow2020-07-02T14:25:38-05:00

Does Your Business Need COVID-19 Decontamination Services?

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we all operate our businesses. From Plexiglass barriers between cashiers and customers to increased cleaning, a typical day at work looks pretty different. Some things, however, haven’t changed at all, including our desire to serve customers and clients as best as we can while keeping them and our employees [...]

Does Your Business Need COVID-19 Decontamination Services?2020-07-02T14:25:46-05:00

What to Do if Your Lakewood, Ohio Home Has Water Damage

There’s nothing quite like walking into your home and discovering a huge puddle of water waiting for you. Five seconds ago, you were completely carefree and now you’ve got this giant mess to deal with. Never mind the chore of cleaning it all up, but now there’s damage in your home to deal with as [...]

What to Do if Your Lakewood, Ohio Home Has Water Damage2020-07-02T14:25:55-05:00

Helpful Tips to Put Out a Grease Fire

Nobody wants to deal with a kitchen fire, especially a grease fire. Grease fires are notorious for spreading quickly and being difficult to control. If you don’t get a grease fire under control quickly, your whole kitchen could be up in flames before you know it. Grease fires have been known to consume entire homes [...]

Helpful Tips to Put Out a Grease Fire2020-07-02T14:26:03-05:00

What Do I Do After My House Floods?

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare- floodwaters taking over your home. All of a sudden, you’re standing in knee-deep water with your personal effects floating around you, wondering what you’re supposed to do next. Whether you’ve had a minor flood and just a small amount of damage or a major flood that took out a lot [...]

What Do I Do After My House Floods?2020-04-16T08:58:00-05:00

Mold Damage Tips

In as little as 48 hours, mold can spread throughout a home or business causing health problems and expensive damage to its occupants. While mold is harmful to everyone, it can be especially harmful to individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Mold grows and multiplies in warm, humid areas which can be found [...]

Mold Damage Tips2020-04-10T14:53:52-05:00

Water Damage Tips

To Do: Immediate Action Locate your water main. Once you’ve located your water main, you should shut off the water to prevent any further water damage from occurring Turn off all power to affected areas of the home or building. DO NOT operate your television or any other electrical appliances while there is still standing [...]

Water Damage Tips2020-04-14T14:12:08-05:00